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Radiology Radiology


​​​​​To aid in the early detection of disease, SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - Janesville uses sophisticated diagnostic imaging technology. This technology produces images that include general diagnostic, operative, and emergency room X-rays that help doctors evaluate arteries and veins.

Our imaging technology includes:

CT Body Scans​

Computerized Tomographic (CT) scanning provides rapid, high-resolution scanning of the head, chest, abdomen, and extremities by applying computer technology to medical X-rays. The CT is primarily used to detect tumors, infections, and vascular diseases. SSM Health St. Mary's was the first health care facility in Southern Wisconsin to be equipped with a 128-slice CT scanner. This state-of-the-art equipment minimizes radiation exposure for patients while taking more precise images in less time than older CTs.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging​ 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a way of taking pictures of the body and its chemical make-up. Physicians use MRIs to see "through" bones into soft underlying tissue such as muscles, fat, and internal organs – all without the use of X-rays or radiation. Claustrophobic patients will appreciate the spacious MRI room, which helps to ease that 'closed-in' feeling  often associated with an MRI. When your exam is complete, your study is read by one of our radiologists. We have one of the most technologically advanced MRI units in the state, capable of providing information on a range of conditions including cardiac and vascular disease, stroke, abdominal and brain disorders, and musculoskeletal conditions in the knee, shoulder and other joints. This helps your doctor make a more accurate diagnosis—potentially with fewer tests.

Nuclear Medici​ne

Nuclear medicine uses harmless amounts of radioactive isotopes that are injected into the body to visualize specific areas. This material either collects in or avoids body tissue associated with particular diseases. A camera in the machine then relays the images of the location of that material.


Ultrasound technology uses sound waves to "see" into the body for diagnostic purposes. Our advanced 2-D ultrasound unit provides physicians with new levels of clarity, accuracy, and precision. It is used to diagnose obstetric/gynecologic, abdominal, heart, and vascular conditions. 

Radiology Services can be reached at 608-373-8700. ​