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Neurosciences About Sleep Disorders

About Sleep Disorders

​​​​A sleep disorder is any condition that interrupts normal sleep-wake patterns. The more commonly experienced disorders are: 

  • Sleep apnea & snoring
  • Insomnia​
  • Narcolepsy
    Narcolepsy is characterized by episodes of frequent, uncontrollable daytime sleeping, usually preceded by drowsiness. The episodes usually occur after meals, but sudden onset of sleep may occur while working or driving a vehicle, having a conversation, or being in any sedentary or nons​timulating situation. There is a brief period of sleep, and the person awakens feeling refreshed. However, he or she may again become uncontrollably sleep a short time later.
  • Night Terrors​
  • Restless Leg Syndrome (nocturnal myoclonus)​​​

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Can sleep disorders be effectively treated?

There are successful treatment options for most sleep disorders. Prompt identification (or diagnosis) and treatment of sleep problems can greatly improve quality of life and overall health. ​